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THERMOLENE® – a benefit for every distribution box

Stromverteiler bei Schnee - INDU-ELECTRICTHERMOLENE® was developed by us specially to withstand high mechanical stresses at extremes of temperature – both high and low.

Only at INDU-ELECTRIC are power distribution boxes made from THERMOLENE®. Unlike other synthetic materials or rubber, our material is exceptionally resistant to heat transfer.

Stromverteiler bei Hitze - INDU-ELECTRICIn the light of the fact that waste heat is generated by every single fuse, cable or terminal, the optimal heat transfer guaranteed by THERMOLENE® becomes even more significant. It means we are able to guarantee the maximum resilience of our power distribution boxes even when they are operating under full load and at high
ambient temperatures.

THERMOLENE® is a material with superior properties:

  • high mechanical strength
  • extremely stable form even at high temperatures or under high tensile loads at the sockets, as is the case for 63A and 125A sockets
  • extremely high weather resistance; outstanding
  • resistance to oils and acids
  • colours do not fade even when exposed to strong sunlight
  • unsurpassed value retention
  • self-extinguishing
  • flame resistant