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Enclosure production

In-house enclosure production for maximum flexibility

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INDU-ELECTRIC is always able to meet individual customer requests quickly and on time because we manufacture our own enclosures in-house. Distributor enclosures capable of coping with heavy loads have to be of the correct size for the equipment they hold. This makes it all the more important to match the enclosure to the specific requirements.

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We take the view that the configuration of your power distribution box should not be limited by the availability of standardised enclosures. Whereas our competitors often adapt the configuration of the distribution box to the enclosure, with INDU-ELECTRIC you get an enclosure specifically tailored to your needs.

That way, in close communication with our engineering department, we create solutions that are customized to your individual configuration.

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Flightcase Manufacture

Our in-house case production also includes its own flight case manufacture. We use the highest quality materials and cutting edge machinery to fulfill the highest demands of our customers.

In House Metalwork

We construct state of the art stainless steel- and aluminum frames in house. Such as our Distribution Boxes, they are tailored to individual customer needs.