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Special manufacturing

Stromverteiler-Systeme von INDU-ELECTRIC - individuell nach Kundenwunsch

Our manufacturing systems are particularly designed for building customized power distribution solutions. We are not only capable of offering all configuration options according to country-specific requirements, but also able to fulfill individual custom builds quickly and precisely, thanks to our in-house housing manufacturing. Our own design department as well as our in-house locksmith and case building also play an important role.

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Here are some examples for
special manufacturing:

Isolated transformer in a powder-coated stainless steel frame. Thanks to the installed roller shutter system, the installed components are particularly space-saving and protected, unlike the radius required by a door. The roller shutter can be locked in different positions, so that all components are protected against unauthorized access even when plugged in.


At INDU-ELECTRIC, we also offer customized solutions for the winding of the supply line upon request – whether for your PDU in a metal frame or in a THERMOLENE® housing.


Main distribution board in stainless steel frame including stainless steel pallet. This special solution meets specific requirements for logistical and spatial needs.

INDU-ELECTRIC Sonderbau auf V2A-Palette
INDU-ELECTRIC Sonderbau auf V2A-Palette

Harbor Power Distribution Unit for mounting on a concrete pedestal. The THERMOLENE® housing has been completely covered with stainless steel. The lockable doors are equipped with safety glass windows.