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Power Distribution Unit

What kind of Power Distribution Unit are you looking for?

INDU-ELECTRIC Stromverteiler

INDU-ELECTRIC is the world’s leading provider of power distribution systems for events, film, and touring. Companies and organizers on all continents have always relied on the quality products from our company.

The right solution for every application

Our PDU portfolio covers the entire spectrum. In addition to fixed installations such as wall distribution boxes, we are particularly well-positioned in the field of mobile power distribution units. From large energy distribution boards and main PDUs to portable sub-distributors, small distribution boxes, and Schuko blocks, you will find everything you need for a safe and reliable power supply at the deployment site with INDU-ELECTRIC.

Customized manufacturing

Not only questions about the power supply – such as Powerlock, multipin, CEE – or the right protective measures – such as RCD, MCB, RCBO – decide on the suitable product. There are often many things to consider when planning the power distribution concept so that you, as the customer, receive the socket distributor that meets your needs. INDU-ELECTRIC has decades of experience and extensive know-how in the design and production of professional power distribution systems. Thanks to our extremely high degree of in-house manufacturing with our own enclosure production, we are always able to offer individual solutions according to customer requirements. Our specialists are happy to advise you and work with you to develop an individual concept tailored to your needs. Contact us!

Mobile Power Distribution Boxes

Sie sehen ein Bild von einem mobilen Stromverteiler der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC.


Stackalbe Mobile Distribution Boxes

Sie sehen ein Bild von stapelbaren mobilen Stromverteilern der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC.


Eventmaster EVM™



19″ Power Distribution Boxes

Sie sehen ein Bild von einem 19 Zoll Stromverteiler von INDU-ELECTRIC.


Flightcase Main Distribution Boxes

Sie sehen ein Bild von Stromverteilern im Flightcase von der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC.


ST Steel Framed Distribution Boxes

Sie sehen ein Bild von Stromverteilern im Alurahmen von der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC.


Automatic Transfer Switch



Solid Rubber Distribution Boxes

Vollgummi Stromverteiler von INDU-ELECTRIC


Briefcase Distribution Boxes

Sie sehen ein Bild von Kofferverteilern der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC.


Small Distribution Boxes

INDU-ELECTRIC Kleinverteiler





Power Outlet Blocks

Sie sehen ein Bild von Schukoblöcken der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC.


Mobile Transformer

INDU-ELECTRIC mobile transformer


Terminal Boxes

INDU-ELECTRIC terminal box


Cable drum

INDU-ELECTRIC cable drum


Truss Boxes

INDU-ELECTRIC Trussverteiler


Junction Boxes

Sie sehen ein Bild von einem Wandverteiler der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC.


Phase monitoring relay MMPS

INDU-ELECTRIC phase monitoring relay MMPS


mobile RCDs



Smart Enclosure™

INDU-ELECTRIC Smart Enclosure™


Surge Protection Boxes SPB™

INDU-ELECTRIC Surge Protection Box SPB™


Pat Testing Mate PTM



Energy Distribution Boards

INDU-ELECTRIC Energy Distribution Boards





modular PDU system

INDU-ELECTRIC modular PDU system


Special manufacturing

INDU-ELECTRIC special manufacturing