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Power distribution

Mobile Power Distribution Box
Hier sehen Sie ein Bild der mobilen Stromverteiler der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC

Users in over 68 countries worldwide appreciate the ruggedness, dependability, design and lifespan of our power distribution boxes. Their layout is designed for ease of use, with the power outlets at the front and circuit-breakers at the back. The housing’s edges protrude by 50 to 80 mm to protect outlets and circuit-breakers from physical damage.

Stackable Mobile Distribution Box
Example of a INDU ELECTRIC mobile Powerdistribution

All power distribution boxes of this series can be perfectly stacked. Special fittings prevent the modules from sliding off each other. All eight corners of each distribution box are fitted with soft rubber shock absorbers. As well as protecting the boxes from impact, these prevent surface scratching of the enclosures.

19 Power Distribution Box

Our series 58 THERMOLENE® modules unite an exceptionally high stress resistance and electrical safety with the flexibility of the 19 inch design. Totally insulated, they are extremely safe in use and can be supplied in any height unit size and with any equipment.

Flightcase Main Distribution Box

INDU Flightcase Main Distribution

Main distribution boxes made from THERMOLENE® offer exceptionally flexible equipment and safety options. Thanks to the optimal airflow of the ventilation system, these distribution boxes can be operated at full load over prolonged periods. With their POWERLOCK plug connectors they can be laid out for a peak load of 600 A or, with terminal connectors for parallel 240 mm² cables, up to 800 A.

ST Steel Framed Distribution Box

Exampl of a INDU-ELECTRIC Main Distribition Box build into a Flightcase

The power distribution boxes of this series are fitted in a stainless steel frame. Equipped with two stands they are ideal wherever the distribution box must be placed in snow, mud or puddles. Thanks to its stands these distribution boxes can also be safely transported with a forklift truck. The frame has flight case dimensions: width and depth are 600 mm each; the height depends on the distribution box’s equipment level.

Automatic Transfer Switch

INDU ELECTRIC Automatic Transfer Switch

Our automatic transfer switches (ATS) control switching between a generator and mains power or between two generators. An ATS can control the entire switching sequence between a mains supply and a generator. In the event of a mains power failure, it isolates the mains supply, starts the generator and switches the consumers to the standby supply with specified delay times.

Solid Rubber Distribution Box

Solid Power Distribution made out of Rubber

Our solid rubber distribution boxes are extremely rugged and reliable in use. Their circuit-breakers are arranged inside the housing for optimum protection and can be quickly and easily accessed through a hinged cover.

Briefcase Distribution Box

INDU Power Distribition build into a Briefcase

Handy, flat and lightweight: the key characteristics of the distribution box in briefcase format. Intended for indoor use, they can be flexibly equipped. In addition to the listed models we can quickly and reliably implement any required configuration.

Small Distribution Box

Example of small Power Distribution Boxes

The modular design of these distribution boxes allows more than 100 combination options.


INDU Switchpack

At many events light is switched through the lighting console rather than being dimmed. For this purpose our NON-DIM distribution boxes are ideal. They allow lights to be controlled and addressed with DMX signals, supporting the DMX protocols of all popular lighting console systems.

Power Outlet Block


The compact INDU power outlet block has been designed for superior performance. Its solid yet lightweight housing is completely unbreakable. Unlike socket strips the outlet block features a replaceable socket, making the INDU outlet block good value for money.

Mobile Transformer

Built into a solid rubber housing, INDU transformers are extremely rugged, lightweight and low-noise in operation, making them ideal for use in the entertainment industry. Our transformers furthermore feature an exemplary safety standard. The built-in starting current limiter guarantees that the circuit-breaker is not tripped by high inrush current peaks.

Terminal Box

Terminal Box

Our terminal box is ideal for connecting single-core cables from 1 x 50 to 1 x 240 mm². It opens like a suitcase to expose the terminals, to which single conductors terminated with an eyelet can be reliably connected. The closed box is lockable with a key.

Cable Drum

Our cable drums have been developed specially for extremely harsh treatment for use on construction sites and for the road. The diameter of the generous cable drums is dimensioned so as not to cause excessive bending of the cable. The carrying handle is of a lightweight sandwich construction that provides exceptional stability and is designed to maintain a distance from the body when carried.

Truss Box

Our truss boxes have a special fit and can be quickly and easily attached to a 50 mm pipe with two Velcro fasteners.

Junction Box

INDU-ELECTRIC junction boxes have been used successfully throughout the world for many years, even under extremely harsh environmental conditions. Like our mobile distribution boxes, our junction boxes feature an exceptionally high mechanical stress resistance and a long service life. In our modular production facility, we can produce these distribution systems to exact customer specifications and tailor them to specific operating conditions.

Netzwächter MMPS

Hier sehen Sie ein Bild eines Netzwächters MMPS der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC

The MPPS (Mains Monitoring Protection System) module from INDU-ELECTRIC meets the requirements for effective protection at small building sites and for portable electrical equipment.

mobile RCDs
Sie sehen ein Bild von einem transportablen RCD der Firma INDU-ELECTRIC.Use our mobile RCDs for your mobile electricity supply. RCD circuit breakers are also referred to as residual current circuit breakers. In the case of intact electrical devices, the electric currents in the outgoing and return conductors are always the same strength. If an incident occurs, there is a difference between the outgoing and return current and the RCD interrupts the circuit completely.