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INDU-ELECTRIC FlexDistro - The OriginalWe have developed our FlexDistro™ Rack specifically for the diverse requirements in the event and touring industry. This provides you with maximum flexibility, easy handling, and a professional and cost-effective system. Depending on your requirements, you can equip your INDU-ELECTRIC FlexDistro™ Rack with self-replaceable modules. Each module has up to 24 channels, with each channel protected by its own 30mA RCBO (FI/LS). With the INDU-ELECTRIC FlexDistro™ Rack, you can comply with country-specific requirements within minutes, anywhere and anytime, by simply swapping in the appropriate modules. The individual modules can be quickly and affordably purchased without the need to invest in a completely new power distribution system. Contact us to plan your own INDU-ELECTRIC FlexDistro™ Rack – modular, versatile, and smart!

Choose the size of our FlexDistro™ based on your basic requirements


96-Way FlexDistro

Distro height: 120

Input: 630A

Number of modules: 4



72-Way FlexDistro

Distro height: 100

Input: 400A

Number of modules: 3


48-Way FlexDistro

Distro height: 80

Input: 250A

Number of modules: 2

Choose from our modular output modules:

  • 24x True1

  •   4x 19 Pin

  •   4x Multicore H-B16

… … or customized according to your requirements, for example with 6x Schuko and 2x CEE 16A 3P

INDU-ELECTRIC FlexDistro modules

Multifuctional power analyser

INDU-ELECTRIC FlexDistro with Janitza UMG96RM-E

Intelligent thanks to multifunctional power analyzer. Retrieve your current measurement data in real-time via digital connection or analyze your data retrospectively thanks to built-in memory.

The main functions at a glance:


 Universal meter

  • Operating current monitoring for general electrical parameters
  • High transparency through a multi-stage and scalable measurement system in the field of energy measurement
  • Acquisition of events through continuous measurement with 200 ms high resolution

Harmonics analyser / event recorder

  • Analysis of individual harmonics for current and voltage
  • Prevention of production downtimes
  • Significantly longer service life for equipment
  • Rapid identification and analysis of power quality fluctuations by means of user-friendly tools (GridVis®)

Highest possible degree of reliability

  • Continuous leakage current measurement
  • Historical data: Long-term monitoring of the residual current allows changes to be identified in good time, e.g. insulation faults
  • Time characteristics: Recognition of time relationships
  • Prevention of neutral conductor carryover
  • RCM threshold values can be optimized for each individual case: Fixed, dynamic and stepped RCM threshold value

Analysis of fault current events

  • Event list with time stamp and values
  • Presentation of fault currents with characteristic and duration
  • Reproduction of phase currents during the fault current surge
  • Presentation of the phase voltages during the fault current surge


Single channel protection

  INDU-ELECTRIC FlexDistro with RCBO (FI/LS)

Single channel protection using proven electronic and thermomagnetic RCBO technology, which has been successfully used in the mobile sector for decades. They have several advantages over hydraulic-magnetic RCBOs:

  • Sensitivity: Hydraulic-magnetic RCBOs have lower sensitivity to small leakage currents. This can cause them to react slower to certain types of fault currents compared to electronic and thermomagnetic RCBOs.
  • Switching speed: Hydraulic-magnetic RCBOs have slower switching speed compared to electronic and thermomagnetic ones.
  • Size and weight: Hydraulic-magnetic RCBOs are generally larger and heavier than electronic and thermomagnetic ones.
  • Durability: Hydraulic-magnetic RCBOs are more susceptible to vibrations and shocks, such as those encountered during the transportation of power distribution units, making them more prone to faults and increasing maintenance costs.

We also build your desired distribution unit according to your individual requirements.

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