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Selection parameter according to IEC /DIN EN 61439-1 attachment C

Establishing of the Selection parameter according to IEC /DIN EN 61439-1 attachment C

The following table shows the default values of the mobile distributors manufactured by INDU-ELECTRIC. According to the above-mentioned standard, agreements must be made between the user and the manufacturer when making an offer, if deviations from the stated INDU-ELECTRIC standard values are required by the customer.

According to DIN 61439-1, the user must define the following functions and features

Characteristics Standard specifications INDU Standard
System according to the type of ground connection TN TN
Rated voltage up to max. 1000V 400V AC
Transient overvoltage Overvoltage category I-IV II
Temporary overvoltage see table 8,9,10 2000V AC
Rated frequency DC/50/60HZ 50HZ
Short circuit resistance up to 125A =10KA 400A = 20KA
SCPD (Short circuit protection device) in the feed mobile distributors are usually fed with plug-in devices
Coordination between SCPD inside / outside the socket distributor present / install / build into
depending clients
Type of protection against electric shock (It serves to protect against electric shock by being touched within the distributor during normal operation) observe local requirements basic protection
Type of protection against electric shock fault protection (this protection serves to protect against the faults in an INDU-ELECTRIC distro) automatic shutdown / protective insulation depending on the article: automatic switch-off or protective insulation
Place of installation indoor / outdoor depending on the article
Protective rating IP xx IP 44
Protection against mechanical effects specification of the IK codes IK 10
Resistance to UV radiation required for outdoor installation high resistance
Limits of ambient temperature Outdoor 25°C, Indoor 50% at 40°C from -25°C to 45°C
Level of pollution 1,2,3,4 3 (industrial environment)
Elevation 2000 meter
EMV surroundings A/B B
Special operating conditions such as EX zone, vibrations not defined
Requirements for storage and transport (type of transport, deviating environmental conditions, maximum dimensions, packaging requirements) no see manual
Accessibility requirements for operation, inspection, maintenance or expansion no Inspection maintenance only by qualified personnel
Separation of the outgoing circuits by plug-in devices or connectors
Rated current of the switching device combination depending on the article
Rated Deversity Factor (RDF) RDF for curcuits / RDF for whole distribution box RDF see INDU-ELECTRIC manual
Aspect ratio between between phase conductor and neutral conductor for currents in N up to 50% of the outer conductor, otherwise special agreement necessary! cross-section of the external conductor = cross-section of N